Selena Gomez: Rumored to Quit Showbiz, Justin Apologies to Her, Jake Bailey Commits Suicide!

Selena Gomez is going to come out with her next album, Revival, and is super excited about it. Her life has been quite difficult in the past year with her personal life splattered all over the media, thanks to her break up with Justin Bieber making front page news. With her personal life in a mess, Selena Gomez hadn’t been able to concentrate on her music career at all.

However, she has now come out stronger and is determined to make a mark in the industry with her talent. She has announced her new album as well as a tour to promote it. Selena Gomez spoke to E! Now and said that Revival was like a baby to her. She has seen the idea being conceptualized and now when the album is finally ready to be released, she feels that all the pain and hard work has been worth it.

Hollywood Life has made a shocking report that Selena Gomez is likely to give up on show business after her next album is out and the Revival tour is over. The singer and actress is supposedly so affected by the media glare in the industry that she is ready to move on from this side of life.

OK! Magazine has come out to report that Selena Gomez is messed up from the inside. She doesn’t show her real self in front of the media for fear that they will again have a lot of things to write about her. She has had enough of the gossip and the backstabbing that is going around in the industry.

She has had a tough fight with Lupus and had to bear a lot of criticism from the media. Her personal life has been the topic of discussion ever since she started dating Justin Bieber and she doesn’t have the strength to fight against her critics. Selena Gomez reportedly cries all the time whenever she thinks about how the media has treated her.

Fans don’t believe these claims, saying that it is the media again that is cooking up these stories. Selena Gomez has been super excited about Revival and she has also launched pre-booking of the tickets. Loyal fans know that Selena Gomez will never let them down and are just waiting for time to prove the truth.

In other news, a sultry duet that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber had once worked on has been leaked. This is being seen as a PR strategy. Both the stars are coming out with their new albums and they are well aware that the fans are still hoping for them to come back together. The duet will only fuel the interest in the singers and make sure that their album sale soars.

Recent reports have come out with the fact that Selena Gomez has been very hurt by the way Justin Bieber has been portraying her and their relationship in the social media. Justin Bieber has openly said that Selena Gomez has let him down and that it was too early for them to have started living in.

Selena Gomez on her part has always maintained that she will continue to have a special spot for Justin and was very hurt with the things he said about her. By the looks of it, Justin Bieber’s new single Sorry seems to be an apology to Selena Gomez.

The lyrics are full of references to their past relationship and the difficult times that they have seen. Justin has worked with Skrillex for the song and is working towards a win-win situation, where he pacifies Selena Gomez and also gets his fans rocking to the new song.