Selena Gomez: Shared Photos of Adorable Nephew, Taylor Swift Happy with Selena Dating Niall Horan!

The baby boy, Aiden belongs to Selena Gomez’s cousin Priscilla DeLeon. She became god-mother to the little baby in May when he was born and had been inseparable since then, always finding out time to be with him whenever she can.

Gomez had previously shared photos of the baby boy and it is very clear from the photos how much she loves and adores the little baby. She shared the first photo of his with the caption that her cousin had her first baby and they always planned on having one together. Even though she still isn’t there, she is happy beyond words with the fact that she has become a godmother.

There are other photos of Selena Gomez snuggling with little Aiden while she sits in front of the piano. The doting aunt just can’t seem to have enough of her adorable nephew.

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Selena Gomez’s best friend Taylor Swift is also the god-mother to model Jaimie King’s boys and she had been equally happy about it and had shared photos of it all over the social media.

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