Selena Gomez: Christmas Mood Dampened over Bieber-Kardashian Hookups, Best Buddy Taylor Swift Wants Her to Move-on!

However, the latest reports claim that the previous claims were completely baseless and untrue. According to Gossip Cop, the report of Scott Disick doing steamy scenes with Selena Gomez to have revenge on Bieber is both stupid and also a blatant lie.

The webloid which had previously made the claim has a reputation of cooking up untrue stories and violating journalistic ethics. The webloid, HllywoodLife, stated that Disick would make use of his music connections to approach Selena for starring in one of her music videos.

It further claimed that doing so will benefit Disick as he would make a lot of money with the video and it will also teach Kourtney a lesson and prevent her from doing such a thing in the future.

Gossip Cop marks all these claims as utter lies and sources from bothDisick’s and Selena’s end have assured it that none of them are planning on doing such a thing and these are just more lies that HollywoodLife cooks up on a regular basis.

Selena Gomez herself had recently stated that the reports of HollywoodLife are seldom true. She pointed out the webloid as being the worst of them all.

Stay tuned for more update on Selena Gomez.