Selena Gomez: Back After Celebrating Birthday in London, Says She Has Grown Up Too Fast, And More

Her first role was in the children’s show Barney and Friends. The actor and singer said that since she was always in the company of adults she would pick up their mannerism and words, acting like them and she stopped being a kid.

Gomez was quick to add that she doesn’t regret the way her career and life has shaped up. She said that she is glad of the way her career graph has gone and she is lucky enough to be able to do things and many of those of her age cannot do.

For one, she said that she is glad to have been able to pay off her mortgage. Serena Gomez said that it was the most expensive thing that she had done for herself.

Serena Gomez is from Texas and she loves going back and spending time alone with her family whenever she can get away from things. She is currently working on her new album Revival which depicts her love life. She said that the album is very powerful and it traces her rebirth and hence the title is very apt.

Serena Gomez’s love life is no secret; do you think that the song is about her getting over Justin Bieber? Leave a comment and let us know.