Selena Gomez: Back After Celebrating Birthday in London, Says She Has Grown Up Too Fast, And More

Selena Gomez is well aware of the kind of popularity that she shares, but nonetheless she seemed to have been flattered on seeing the reception at the Los Angeles airport as she came back from London.

Selena Gomez was away in London to have a weeklong celebration on the occasion of her 23rd birthday and the singer was surprised to see people waiting to welcome her back. Selena wore her trademark smile and waved at people as she walked out of the airport.

Unlike other jet setting celebrities, Selena Gomez was wearing what she wore at London before take off as she touched down LAX. She had on a long black coat, beneath which she had on a mesh t-shirt. She also slim fit hugging lurex leggings and a pair of blue boots. Her hair was tied tightly in a bun and she had on glares.

Selena carried a backpack and her iPad, which was plugged on to her ears with red earphones. She seems unperturbed and happy at all the attention that she was getting from the fans and photographers. She calmly made her way out of the fans flashing their cameras and phones and walked to the car that was waiting for her outside LAX.

While Selena Gomez walked with only the black leather backpack on her back, it was her assistant who handled all her luggage and the singer certainly did not travel light. The singer was in London to celebrate her birthday and a girl never knows what she would need while on a holiday.

Selena Gomez turned 23rd last week and she celebrated the occasion with her girlfriends at the Beach Blanket Babylon located in the posh neighborhood of Notting Hill. The celebration continued with her having tea at the famous Savoy Hotel in London where she went with her friends.

Gomez was served tea at the famous Thames Foyer. Their table was full with champagne and tea. They also had pastries and cakes to go with them. She spent her last day in London at the celebrity party hole, Chiltern Firehouse.

Selena Gomez took the break in London to relax and enjoy herself since she knew that once back in Los Angeles she would have to get to serious work. Her upcoming album Revival will be out in October. She had released a single Good For You, which has seen over 50 million views on YouTube.

Selena Gomez is one of the most popular brand ambassadors for teens and young adults and Adidas is well aware of the kind of brand power she has. It is no doubt that they have roped her in for their new NEO label. The photo-shoot saw Selena Gomez don some sporty looks. She looked stylish yet sporty, just the right image that Adidas was looking to capture for the neo brand.

Selena Gomez has been picked as the hottest star on the internet. She has a huge fan following since her Nickelodeon days and has over 38.7 million followers on her Instagram page alone. According to Daily Caller, Serena is the right pick because not only is she a great fashion icon, but also a popular singer and actress.

Ever since her childhood, Selena Gomez has been in the limelight. She had her first break through when she was only 7 years old. Serena wishes that she had waited for some more years before going into the industry because she grew up very fast. Serena Gomez revealed this while talking to TV More, a German magazine.