Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Rekindling Their Romances, Likes Photos On Instagram, Taylor Swift Not Happy With The Development!

The Hollywood Life has reported that Justin Bieber wanted to celebrate Easter with Selena Gomez. He had an off from his tour and wanted to spend some quality time with her to rekindle things. The pressure of the tour has been too much and Justin Bieber wanted to spend some time alone with former lady love so that he could sort things out and start something with her.

Since Justin Bieber was home for Easter and had to join the tour again on the 29th, he had a break of three days and wanted to spend that with Selena Gomez. He has been trying real hard to make things work out. He knows that Selena is sad since she feels that she is going to end up single given that all her friends are in committed relationships.

While the fans are super happy about the fact that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are rekindling their romance once again, there is one person who is clearly not happy. Taylor Swift has never been supportive of Selena Gomez going back to Justin Bieber and she isn’t amused about the fact that the two are again corresponding.

Taylor has matured from her past relationships and she feels that Selena Gomez deserves someone better than Justin Bieber. However, since Selena doesn’t seem to pay heed to her concerns, she has decided to give up trying to steer her towards the good guys.

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