Season 7 Spoilers For Blue Bloods, Will Frank Reagan Get A Love Interest? Let’s See

When we look at such things, we start wondering whether the show could go on for three or four more years. Sadly, there are complications. Since the show films in New York, things can get pricey. The show generates a lot of additional publicity for the network even if it remains solid during a difficult timeslot.

After considering all that, people can start predicting that there is probably one or two years of life left in this show. Can it last till Season 10? Well, we have seen that in spite of getting a difficult timeslot, many shows have flourished over the years.

These include Madam Secretary, Elementary, The Amazing Race, Hawaii Five-0 and many others. In the end, it all comes down to when the writers and cast are ready to give up as much as the network does. Hopefully, we can all expect it to be done in a graceful and fitting way.

Meanwhile, a lot of fans are predicting that a new lady will be introduced to the show in Season 7, and she will play the role of Frank’s love interest.  It would be excellent to see a new romantic angle in the show.

Stay tuned for more updates on Blue Bloods Season 7!