Season 2 of Attack on Titan Will Release in January 2017, Eren Will Become Much Stronger In the Second Season!

The rumors further indicate that Eren Yeager will be a much stronger Titan next season. It will allow him to defeat the Colossal Titan easily.

Rest assured that further spoilers will release next year. Right now, Season 2 spoiler predictions suggest that Survey Corps will start their expedition to discover Eren’s identity after they venture out from the High Walls of Maria.

According to some predictions, Eren, and his family resided in the basement and this should provide an answer to the question of why titans exist.

When Attack on Titan Season 1 released back in 2013, the concept was highly popular and came with excellent character developments. Wikipedia states that Eren Yeager, his parents, and Mikasa, lived as normal people inside the wall of Maria.

When Titans started breaching the wall and eating people alive, his dream of leaving the town came true. Eren soon discovered that he was a Titan himself and started talking about his past. He kept on dreaming about his aggressive and scared father who keeps having trouble with a syringe in his hand.

Ultimately, the survey corps decided to head over to this basement. During this journey, there is a high possibility of characters being eaten on the way or turning into Titans themselves.

Selecta Vision also speculated that Attack on Titan will release next year in January.

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