Search Operation For Flight MH370 Temporarily Suspended, Fresh Debris On Tanzanian Shore, FBI Claim Murder-Suicide

A piece of an airplane wing has ended up on Pemba Island in Tanzania, and there is a chance that it belongs to the Flight MH370. This news was made official by Australian minister for infrastructure and transport, Darren Chester. The wing, after being collected from Pemba Island, has been handed over to the Australian authorities for analysis by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.

Apart from the flaperon and wing part, the ATSB has also been looking into other debris that has surfaced. There is a section of the engine cowling Boeing 777 and an interior panel that looks like it belonged to the main cabin of Flight MH370. These two bits of debris were found in Mossel Bay and Rodrigues Island respectively and are believed to be a part of the missing Flight MH370.

The fact that the wreckage keeps surfacing has affirmed the focus of search efforts in the southern Indian Ocean. The debris has also been found in areas that were consistent with the drift modeling that was done by the scientists based on oceanography.

Australia is leading the search for the missing Flight MH370. There is still hope that the remaining portion of the aircraft is going to surface in the limited area that is left.

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