Scott Disick: Continues Partying, Will Kourtney Give Him Another Chance? We’ll See

He was merely asking her for some water. She is a waitress at the club and regularly waits on Scott Disick when he visits the place. Since the music was loud, he had to lean in very close to make himself audible and that’s when the photo was clicked.

Scott Disick is still on with his partying way. He was last seen in Calgary, Canada where he hosting another party at a cowboy themed club called Cowboys. The photos of the party are all shared on Instagram after the club documented the event of the Peasants Party through the photo sharing site.

Disick was seen wearing a caramel colored sweater with a pair of skinny jeans. He had slicked his hair back and had on his trademark beard. According to the photos of Instagram Scott thoroughly enjoyed the party that he was hosting. He was seen posing with girls dressed in scantily clad cowboy outfits.

Scott Disick’s fans expected him to focus on his family and when he announced his Vegas party outing he was blasted by the fans who believed that he should cut down on all his parties.

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