Final Fantasy XV: Square Enix Preparing For a Huge Presentation at Gamescom 2015!

People, who thought Square Enix would be showing a lot of new stuff on Final Fantasy XV in Gamescom 2015 next month, are in for a major disappointment. According to various reports, the publisher has been planning on showing the game old Episode Duscae demo more than 17 times at the upcoming German expo.

Starting from 5th August to 9th August, each of the live demonstrations will be 2 hours long on every day of the event and they will be joined by a different YouTuber on those days. The only good news is that there will be a one hour, Final Fantasy XV-related Active Time X Report which is scheduled to be held on the first day. Furthermore, the rest of the events will be streamed through Square Enix’s own channel, Twitch.

People who don’t know about Active Time Reports: In these reports, key staff members comprising the development team are placed in small panels and they provide updates on the upcoming title.

Right now, as gamers, we can simply hope to see something new during this one-hour time slot because this is essentially turning out to be a disappointment, especially after the developers announced that Noctis and co. will get a big reveal at Gamescom 2015 after their earlier absence in E3.

The developers revealed their full schedule for Final Fantasy XV in next month’s 2015 Gamescom. Reports suggest that this game will have a massive presence in this upcoming event. According to Nova Crystallis, Square Enix is probably planning a lot of events and besides the usual stuff; we are still expecting some big news to be revealed.

Several Let’s Play sessions for the Episode Duscae Demo will be done by YouTube and Twitch personalities on many of the days. If there are fans (probably not Final Fantasy XV fans) that never played this demo, they can take a good look at how it’s shaping-out overall.

Furthermore, there will be demo game stations at Gamescom where gamers can try it out themselves. Reports indicate that this will be a version 2.0 of the demo, so it will incorporate a lot of new features that were added in May

Square Enix will conduct the official Final Fantasy XV Stage Show in Wednesday; so needless to say, this is one day you shouldn’t miss as a Final Fantasy fan. After the main show, there will be an Active Time Report starting from 6pm. From the looks of it, this is the day when vital information will be revealed.

Meanwhile, if you wish to talk with the development team, you should go for the Q&A session that will be happening at 3pm on 6th August. There will be more livestreams, stage shows, cosplay shows and Q&A sessions that will be held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. People have been waiting for this game for almost a decade now and hopefully, a release date should be announced as well.

Meanwhile, in the upcoming Gamescom 2015, there is no other game to compete with Final Fantasy XV in terms of popularity, hype, experience and enjoyment. As a result, it will have the entire limelight and we hope the developers decide to divulge a lot of information and updates.

At the same time, there are reports on possible release dates spreading around and people are wondering whether it will be out sooner or later than the dates that have already been mentioned. According to news seen by Attack of the Fanboy, the game will release later this year or it might take even longer and release in 2016.