Samsung Galaxy S7 Compared To S6, S5 and LG G5, S7 Dual SIM Variant Is a Steal on Newegg, At $529.99!

When you are comparing the Galaxy S7 and the LG G5, both of them feature a premium design along with impressive shapes and cuts, fashioned out of metal. In the Galaxy S7’s case, you best add glass as well. Both of them have high-end processors under the hood along with great amounts of RAM. However, the Galaxy S7 has one of the most superior display panels in the market and offers crystal clear quality.

The device is also waterproof in nature. Compared to that, the LG G5 excels in different areas. It supports a unique module that is removable with a swappable battery. It further supports plug-in accessories along with an impressive dual-sensor camera.

Samsung already faces a lot of competition from Apple but not, LG has become a smartphone superpower, making it a worthy competitor as well. The 5.1inch display in the Samsung Galaxy S7 is slightly smaller than the LG G5 at 5.3inches.

However, the display has a pixel density of 577ppi, which is slightly more than the 554ppi display on the LG G5. The S7 has a 3000mAh battery compared to the 2800mAh battery in the LG G5 but in terms of imaging, the G5 beats S7 with a 16MP/8MP dual camera set-up, compared to the latter’s 12MP rear shooter.

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