Samsung Galaxy A9: Reviewed in Detail, Compared to the Galaxy A9 Pro which is Expected to Launch Sometime This Year, More Details

The Galaxy A9 sports a fingerprint scanner endowed in the Home button, which is another great feature borrowed from its flagship cousin. The unique positioning of the scanner allows you to reach it while holding it up or while the device rests on the table, although, it is a tad difficult to access while answering calls.

Even though you need to push the home button for the scanner to work, it is more accurate and works quicker than before. Apart from unlocking the device, the fingerprint scanner is used to access Samsung Pay as well.

The device features a single speaker on the right bottom end, although, this is not the ideal location, since the sound is always directed away from the user. The audio is clear with minor amounts of compression, which is a good thing considering the clarity that one needs today.

Samsung has done a great job with the battery too, installing a 4,000 mAh unit for optimum power! We hope to see some of these features returning on the Galaxy A9 Pro.

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