Ryan Gosling Whisks Eva Mendes Away To Sinatra House To Celebrate Her Birthday, Silences Rumor About Break-Up!

Eva Mendes has never been very active on the social media and when she shared the personal photo on it, she hinted at the possibility of her sharing more personal photos in it from now on. Eva Mendes has so far only resorted to sharing photos of her work with CIRCA Beauty and New York & Company on her Instagram page.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling haven’t even let the media get a photo of Esmeralda. They want her to be away from the media for as long as possible. This had given rise to a rumor that was hilarious. There were people who came out to claim that the two actors have never had a baby and were simply spreading the news of a baby girl to gather publicity.

Eva Mendes had taken a break from work to be with her daughter, but now she is ready to make a comeback into the industry. Eva Mendes is going to start working on Fast and Furious 8 where she reprises her role as Agent Fuentes. There are talks about a standalone film with the character once the producers realize that the audience are interested in the character and the story she has to share.

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