Ryan Gosling Whisks Eva Mendes Away To Sinatra House To Celebrate Her Birthday, Silences Rumor About Break-Up!

There have been rumors about things not being good between Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling and this was further fueled with the fact that Ryan Gosling attended the Oscar on his own. His long-term partner Eva Mendes is visibly absent from the Oscar and all the after parties.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have been having a lot of issues ever since the birth of their daughter Esmeralda. It seems like Eva Mendes has been devoting all her time to the baby girl and had been neglecting her partner Ryan Gosling completely.

According to Movie News Guide, Ryan Gosling is alleged having an affair with his La La Land co-star Emma Stone and this is the reason why things are going downhill for him and Eva Mendes. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling had been meeting up frequently while the shooting was on, but even after they have wrapped the shoot, the two had been having their secret rendezvous and Eva Mendes has found out about it.

Eva Mendes had supposedly asked Ryan Gosling to keep his distance from Emma Stone, but hadn’t paid any heed to it. Ryan Gosling had informed Eva Mendes that he and Emma Stone are just friends, but Mendes doesn’t feel comfortable with Emma Stone and hence had asked him to not spend much time with her apart from the professional sphere.

Ryan Gosling when asked about this cheating rumors had made a statement that he knows who he is with and he doesn’t need the media telling him about it. He had spoken out about his feelings for Eva Mendes in an interview with Hello! Magazine and had said that he has realized that he wants to spend the rest of his life with Eva Mendes.

There are reports circulating that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes might actually tie the knot soon in a secret ceremony involving their close friends and family. Both of them are keen on having more children and plan to have another baby before the end of this year.

Amidst all the rumors of a break up, Ryan Gosling celebrated Eva Mendes’ birthday in a grand fashion over the weekend. Eva Mendes celebrated her 42nd birthday over the course of four days at the palatial weekend home of Frank Sinatra.

Instead of throwing a huge party, the 35 year old Ryan Gosling took Eva Mendes and their daughter Esmeralda and spent the short vacation relaxing as a family. They spent alone time and lazed around away from the media glare.

The weekend getaway of Frank Sinatra is available for the $2,600 per night and Ryan Gosling had rented it for four whole days for Eva Mendes. The house has a four bedrooms with seven washrooms, it has a sprawling pool house and is full of memorabilia that belongs to Frank Sinatra.

This year’s celebration of Eva Mendes’ birthday was different from last year, when Ryan Gosling had hired a roller skating rink in Glendale for the birthday bash. The couple had spent the evening with their family and friends and had even spent some time alone on their own when they skated together.

Instyle reported that Eva Mendes had gotten all nostalgic after spending her birthday in the Sinatra Home in Palm Springs. The actress shared a photo from the past, one where she stands posing for the camera with an Eeyore pullover. She had her hair pulled up in half pigtails and captioned the photo wishing that she still had the pullover with her.