Ryan Gosling Saves Dog While Holidaying with Eva Mendes and Daughter, La La Land Release Pushed Back, Rumor About Link-up with Emma Stone!

Ryan Gosling celebrated his partner Eva Mendes’s birthday by whisking her away for a four-day trip to the Palm Beach. Gosling didn’t go all out and throw a huge bash for the actress, instead gifted her some quality time with the family at the home of singer Frank Sinatra. Ryan Gosling rented the Sinatra House for $2,600 per night.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes went for the four-day break with their baby daughter Esmeralda. Last year Ryan Gosling had booked an entire skating arena for the birthday bash of Eva Mendes and had called her friends and family members for the event.

This time he decided to spend some time with her alone since they had both been busy and haven’t had time to spend with each other and their daughter.

Mashable had reported that while Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes had been taking a break at Palm Beach, the two had gone out to pick up food from Rick’s Desert Grill, when their car almost ran over a little dog. Ryan Gosling who is a big dog lover, immediately got off the car and checked if the dog was alright and then he made sure that he delivered it to its rightful owner.

Ryan Gosling had made the ‘Hey girl!’ memes and now there are memes circulating about him saving the dog he supposedly wanted to run into the car driven by Ryan Gosling and get a chance to get close to him.

There have been rumors that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes had been having some problems in their relationship and that they are going to separate. The first round of speculation started after Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield broke up. It was believed that Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone were meeting very frequently and it was being done discreetly.

The two had come together for the film La La Land and hence had been catching up for food in between shots, but it was reported that Eva Mendes doesn’t have a very good feeling about Emma Stone and had asked Ryan Gosling to stay away from her except in the professional sphere.

This, however, isn’t something that Ryan Gosling had paid heed to and supposedly the news of Emma Stone secretly meeting Gosling had reached Eva Mendes and all hell had broken loose. There are claims that Ryan Gosling decided to have such a low key affair for Eva Mendes’ birthday so that they could sort things out.

Ryan Gosling had gone on report to state that he was determined to settle down with Eva Mendes since she was the one for him. The two have been dating for a while now after meeting during the filming of The Place Beyond the Pines and even have a daughter.

Gosling said that he had no intention of settling down and marrying, but after seeing his daughter all his decisions have changed and he now wants to settle down with Eva Mendes and have more kids with her.

Ryan Gosling has been previously linked with a lot of actresses with whom he had worked and when he was asked about his break up with Eva Mendes recently, he said that he doesn’t need the media to inform him about his relationships. He knows who he is with and so does the person he is with and that is what matters.