Irina Shayk Lands In New York With Bradley Cooper After Their First Official Trip As A Couple, Graces A Special Edition For Intimissimi’s 20th Anniversary!

Irina Shayk and her beau Bradley Cooper have been in Paris for the Fashion Week, but the two are now back in New York. According to Daily Mail, the two landed in JFK on Thursday morning. The two have had a busy schedule when in Paris and they looked a bit jet-lagged as they entered the airport terminal.

Irina Shayk was completely without makeup and looked gorgeous in an all-black ensemble and teamed it with a long black coat. She had tied her hair in a partial top bun and was carrying a black handbag. Bradley Cooper donned an Eagles cap and denims and a bomber jacket. He had on a blue wayfarer.

Irina Shayk was in Paris to model for some of the top names in the industry at the Paris Fashion Week and Bradley Cooper was there to support her. He was there in the front row of all her runway shows and would greet her after it with a tight hug, appreciating her for all the good work that she did.

It was not just about work in Paris. Both Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper went to some of the biggest parties in town. After her Givenchy show, Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk dropped in at the Givenchy after-party and they looked very comfortable with each other.

There have been reports hinting at the possibility of the two breaking up. Bradley Cooper had been spotted dining out with Naomi Campbell while Irina Shayk was away in Paris and this had given rise to speculation that the two are seeing each other behind Irina Shayk’s back.

However, those spreading the rumors didn’t know that both Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper are good friends of Naomi Campbell and when Cooper and Campbell met, it was just a friendly meet-up and there was nothing romantic about it.

Bradley Cooper went to Paris amidst a lot of rumors of him cheating on Irina Shayk. Detractors who had been harping on the fact that Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper aren’t going to last started once again. They said that Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper were each other’s rebound and thus it would never work out.

The two had met last March right after Irina Shayk broke up with Cristiano Ronaldo and Bradley Cooper had broken up with Suki Waterhouse. The two had been inseparable since then and have been regularly spotted enjoying a holiday together when they have an off. There were speculations that the two are going to tie the knot soon, but then the rumors about their break up started circulating.

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper made no fuss about the rumors that were doing the rounds. They simply let their action speak out loud. The two attended the L’Oreal Paris Obsession Party and were inseparable there. Irina Shayk is the official face of L’Oreal Paris and she wore a short red dress while Bradley Cooper looked dashing in a pin stripped suit.

Bradley Cooper had his arms placed around Irina Shayk’s hips all throughout the night, sending out a loud message to the room and the media at large that they were very much together and that he was there to stay.

To seal the deal, the two even shared a kiss in the party and made it very clear to the world that they are very much together.

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper hadn’t openly talked about their relationship in the media and neither have they ever hidden it. However. They made their first official appearance in Paris as a couple and sent out a message that they are very serious about each other.