Russian Helicopter Shot Down In Syrian Province Of Idlib, Militants Want To Exchange Bodies For Prisons, Russians Partially Withdraw From The Area

Reports claim that Syria wasn’t happy with the fact that Russia had managed to secure a humanitarian passage in Aleppo. This had allowed a significant number of insurgents and civilians to leave the area. There have been over 324 civilians and 82 militants who have left the city since the Russians have secured the passage.

Russia became a part of the military operation in Syria at the end of September last year. Vladimir Putin had got Russia involved after citing that the country needs to fight the terrorists before they could reach Russia. This wasn’t the first time that the Russian military has been targeted since it entered Syria in support of President Bashar al-Assad’s government.

Putin had ordered for Russia’s partial withdrawal from the country in March, but the Russians are still involved in some operations in the country, even though they are of low intensity. Before the latest Russian helicopter was shot down, Syrian militants from the Islamic State had shot down a Mi-25 helicopter that had two Russian crew members.

This incident took place in July and was preceded by another incident in November when a Russian fighter jet was shot down in Turkey. The captain was killed by the insurgents on the ground while he was descending from the aircraft after ejecting out of it.

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