Rumours About Johnny Depp And Amber’s Marriage, Set To Play Whitey Bulger, And More Details

The couple seemed to be enjoying themselves and looked very much in love, resorting to PDA. These sightings have, however, been labeled as false by Celebrity Dirty Laundry. They believe that the couple is fighting more than ever and this is just an appearance that they are putting up.

The filmcrew of the Johnny Depp starrer Pirates of the Caribbean are suffering from sea sickness in the Gold Coast and there are talks about them shifting to the calmer waters of the Raby Bay. Raby Bay has the calmest water in Queensland and is no stranger to Hollywood with Chronicles of Narnia and Unbroken having shot there.

Johnny Depp is well known for getting into the skin of the character he portrays. For his upcoming film, Black Mass, he plays the role of the famous Whitey Bulger. Whitey was the first gangster and was notorious for killing people with a calm head. He had helped the FBI in his days to eliminate the Italian mafia and was nabbed only when he was 81 years of age for a list of crimes.

Johnny Depp has watched FBI footage and tapes to prepare himself for the role and he looks so similar to the real Whitey Bulger and those who knows the man were shocked at his appearance on set.