Rumors Surrounding the Upcoming 2nd Generation Apple Watch Surface, Introduction of A Pocket Edition by Tom Ford, And More Details

The Apple Watch was released quite recently about a few months ago.  It didn’t even receive a full worldwide release and right now there is a lot of impatience regarding this product from Apple. However, amidst all of that, there are new rumors regarding the upcoming release of an Apple Watch second generation.

The reports from 9to5Mac reveal that the new version of the smartwatch will be released in 2016 and will come equipped with FaceTime enabled camera while operating more independently than the current Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch serves to be an extenuation of the Apple iPhone and is linked to the device on your wrist. With the FaceTime camera being added to the Apple Watch, it will make the device act more freely on its own.

The latest considerations from Apple have reported a video camera to be integrated on the top portion of the Apple Watch 2 bezel. This will enable users to make and receive FaceTime calls on move through their wrists. It will appear to be a logical step but the potential problems of making calls through your wrist might not really catch on.

9to5Mac also reports that the steps towards being a freer device will include a tether-less device.  It seems like Apple may have taken the hint from the other Android Wear devices that are currently raging the market.

Rumors indicate that the second Apple Watch will include many features that are not available right now and this includes being linked to your iPhone like sending iMessages.

With the introduction of these latest features, can we expect that the battery will be improved? Many users have reported that the Apple Watch’s current power, which is less than 24 Hours and causes disadvantages for the user.

However, Apple conducted a research which said that the Apple Watch users are quite happy with charging their devices nightly. The latest reports indicate that the new battery might not be too different but it will include more features on the same battery.

Apple believes that it can satisfy its customers by retaining or slightly improving the features with new upgrades and the existing battery life will keep adding more advanced features.

Meanwhile, Apple is now toying around with many new variations of the Apple Watch. However, you will need more than $10,000 to pick up the gold-tinted edition. Reportedly, Apple is also looking at making an Apple Watch Edition that will be positioned between a lavish device and the regular variants. Expect something in the low thousands range.