Rumors and Updates On GoPro Hero 5, 8K Resolution On the Cards, Might See the Light of the Day this October!

Exact details regarding the price of the Hero 5 is not known at the moment, however, chances are that will be priced within the $450 – $550 mark depending on the model.

A bigger battery will be built into the device which will keep it up and running for a longer period of time compared to the older models. The Hero 4 Session came with a battery which was of 1,000mAh. However, various reports indicate that the Hero 5 will arrive with a 2,800mAh battery.

Some previous reports indicated that the camera might be rolled out in March 2016. However, as can be seen that rumor failed to materialize and fans of GoPro cameras are still waiting for the release of the Hero 5. The latest reports suggest that it might be rolled out by GoPro in the month of October.

An October release date seems logical as people generally make a lot of purchases during the holiday season. GoPro might also decide to roll out the action-cam along with their Karma Drone.

Stay tuned for more updates on GoPro Hero 5.