Rumors and Speculations Surrounding Elder Scrolls 6, New Installment Expected to be Announced at E3 2016, And More

According to some game experts, the big three projects which Bethesda is working on, may not be Elder Scrolls 6 or the next installment in the Fallout franchise. However, fans keep hoping that Elder Scrolls 6 will be released soon.

We have to consider the fact that Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim was released back in 2011 and it is possible that 6 will be released this year. No matter what, Fallout and Elder Scrolls are the two most famous and popular gaming franchises from Bethesda.

There are various companies who keep releasing games every year but in the end, the game turns out to unsatisfactory. Releasing one title after the other in a single franchise might keep feeding the fans but at a certain point, things start getting sloppy.

For instance, Ubisoft kept releasing Assassins Creed games every year but the last few games released by Ubisoft was met with major disappointment, especially Assassins Creed Unity. People were fed up with the glitches, issues, bugs and poor performance on even the best hardware.

Considering all that, it is better for Bethesda to release games with a certain time gap in between. This further ensures that the company develops each game meticulously, paying attention to every detail. In the end, the final product is a polished product, ready for mass consumption.

Stay tuned for more updates on Elder Scrolls 6!