Roku 4 Might Release Later This Year While Apple TV Could Pose As A Major Competitor, More Details

The Roku 4 is highly anticipated by TV fans all over the world. In the market, the Roku 3 set top box has been confirmed to be one of the most popular and greatly reviewed streaming devices. There are reasons why we can expect the Roku 4 to hit us later this year. One of the major reasons is that it’s been two long years since the Roku 3 was released and in the technology world, this is a huge gap!

The older Roku users are undoubtedly pining for the next upgrade to hit the market. If Roku keeps delaying, the anticipation might be spoiled and worse, the company could lose potential buyers to the Apple TV 2015. Roku would never let one of the top competitors in the market release their device way too ahead of them. Of course, there are fanboys but sadly for Roku, a much greater number of people wish to get the first device that comes their way.

Meanwhile, one of the major upgrades that we might notice in Roku 4 is 4K HD resolution support. Roku has already introduced 4K support in many of its older models. TCL and Netflix are working with Roku in order to let viewers watch content in 4K. Therefore, Roku 4 will definitely be compatible with a 4K television. Meanwhile, let’s hope that Apple TV doesn’t debut with HDR support as Amazon has already started streaming HDR shows via Amazon Instant Video and they offer the highest-quality pictures that viewers have ever seen.

Stay  tuned for more updates on Roku 4!