Roku 4 Appears In a Leaked Photo as Rivals Step-Up the Competition with Amazon Fire TV 2015 and the New Feature-Rich Apple TV, More Details

Roku is still known as the company who created a revolutionary streaming device that rivals the likes of Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and the Google Chromecast.

Although we have heard only rumors and speculations, a new device is about to release soon and is known as the Roku 4. It will compete against the devices from Amazon and Apple.

In the meantime, Apple launched their recent Apple TV while Amazon unveiled the Fire TV 2015 Edition which supports 4K Ultra HD video streaming along with voice assistant Alexa.

The new Amazon Fire TV will be priced around $100 and it’s also 75% faster than its widely known predecessor. The Wi-Fi connectivity of this device was also improved besides the addition of the new voice-assistant Alexa and it is said to take voice controls to an entirely new level.

The new Fire TV comes with 3000 channels, games, and applications and it will support 4K Ultra HD video streaming while allowing you to increase the internal memory to 128GB, making use of a microSD card.

The Amazon Fire TV is supposed to release on 5th October 2015 and it will also be paired with a Fire TV game controller which costs an additional $50. Users will be able to play games on it like Minecraft Story Mode, Pac-Man 256, Disney’s Ducktales and Shovel Knight among others.

Stay tuned for more updates on Roku 4!