Roiland Hints At A 2017 Release For Rick And Morty Season 3, Comic Artist Makes An Illustration Of Unconditional Love, And More!

There are fan theories which suggest that Rick might be drinking something that contains a seed that has intelligence-boosting properties, and while Rick is born intelligent, even he needs a little boost sometimes.

To drive home the point of love and brotherhood, comic artist Giahna Pantano drew an illustration from Rick and Morty for a t-shirt that hints at Rick’s triumph. Giahna Pantano said that she had been away from painting for a long time, and it was fitting for her to come back to something that she loved by illustrating the unconditional love that the second season finale of Rick and Morty emphasized.

According to iDigital Times, Pontano spoke out about her illustration and said that just like ignorance and discrimination is a universal trait, so is hope and compassion. If someone like Rick is capable of realizing this emotion then anyone can. Rick shows that no one should allow fear to consume and contain them and neither can a maximum security prison.

While the fans of Rick and Morty wait for Adult Swim to release Season 3, they can enjoy the Rick and Morty games that have been released. The party card game is called The Total Rickall Cooperative Card Game and can be played by two to five players.

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