Rock Band 4: Harmonix Includes Songs From Coldplay and Ellie Goulding Among Others, Prices Of The Bundles To Drop To All Time Low!

Harmonix has realized that the only way to keep the interest in Rock Band 4 is to keep adding new songs every week. This week they have released these few and will continue doing so in the subsequent weeks.

The songs included in the DLC aren’t the best songs from the respective artists and bands, but then this is a start and fans can surely hope that the trend will continue and will only get better.The songs can be purchased by the gamers for Rock Band 4 by paying a minimal amount of US$1.99 and are out for purchase.

Rock Band 4 is a game that allows the gamers to have a virtual experience of being in a band. The gamers can enjoy the experience of playing live music by using gaming accessories like guitars and drum sets.

The best thing about Rock Band 4 is that the game is compatible to the previous versions of the game and players can access the entire collection of music that they have purchased for the earlier versions. The music collection gets stored in their Xbox live.

There is good news for the fans of Rock Band 4. Harmonix has announced that the prices for the bundles will drop. According to GameStop the price for the guitar and game bundle will be available for only $80, which is the lowest price ever! With the price of the bundles coming down, fans are sure to rush to purchase the DLC with the new songs.

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