Rock Band 4: Harmonix Includes Songs From Coldplay and Ellie Goulding Among Others, Prices Of The Bundles To Drop To All Time Low!

Harmonix has decided to herald the New Year on a musical note. For its musical video game Rock Band 4 for Xbox One and PlayStation, the developer has introduced new tracks. The tracks are well known and very popular and are sure to make the gamers rock and groove to it.

There are six new tracks waiting for the gamers in Rock Band 4. The news was first disclosed on the official blog of Harmonix and it mentioned that all these tracks are already downloadable from their website.

To the joy of the fans, Harmonix has decided to include tracks from popular artists and bands like Coldplay, Sam Hunt, Weezer, Ellie Goulding and also Justin Bieber. This is not where the list ends, fans of the popular British boy band One Direction will be very happy to know that even they have been included in Rock Band 4.

For those who are wondering which of the songs have been included, Harmonix has included the very upbeat and fast song, Adventure of a Lifetime from Coldplay. This is a very unusual song from the band and is a favorite of the fans.

With Adventure of a Lifetime being made a part of the Rock Band 4 discography, the developers can be rest assured that the Coldplay fans are sure to be hooked on to the game.Ellie Goulding has suddenly become a common name because of her Love Me Like You Do. While this song hasn’t been featured in Rock Band 4 as of now, her On My Mind is featured.

One Direction has created a huge market for themselves in the teen section and Harmonix has featured their Drag Me Down, which has made the Directioners very happy.

Harmonix has kept in mind the general trend in the music charts to understand which songs they should include in Rock Band 4 and which to not. Hence it is not a surprise that Sam Hunt’s Leave The Night On, Weezer’s Thank God For Girls and Justin Bieber’s What Do You Mean has been included in the list.

Justin Bieber might have had a tough time last year, but he did make sure that his new song gets featured in the Hot 100 on the US Billboard. With songs from both One Direction and Justin Bieber in the same list, Harmonix has made sure that Rock Band 4 caters to the fans of both One Direction and Bieber and they have a wider market for their game.

For the gamers and the fans of the songs, Harmonix has also released a trailer of the DLC to give a feel of what they can expect. However, there has been mixed reviews for the trailer so far.

There are gamers who have loved the game for the content while there are some who have developed a liking for the game simply because of the music collection that they have incorporated.

There were only 65 songs in the actual disc that comes with Rock Band 4. This means that people can always download the additional songs that are added regularly in the DLC. There are quite a few songs that have been added to the DLC for Rock Band 4 by Harmonix, but they are not stopping at that.