Rihanna Spotted with Drake, Are They Back Together? Free Tickets to Her Concert Can Be Won, Sued for Not Performing in Nigeria!

It has come to light that Jay Z and Rihanna are facing a lawsuit which claims that they backed out from doing a show after pocketing the advance. Apparently, the incident took place in 2013. She was slated for a show by Chris Ubosi and his radio station- Megalectrics.

Ubosi stated that Rihanna was supposed to perform at a show at the Eko Hotel located in Lagos and a sum of $425,000 was to be paid to her for her performance. It was supposed to be a 65-minute performance.

Ubosi claims that he paid $160,000 in advance in three separate instalments. However, Rihanna’s representatives asked him to postpone the show till July after the sum was paid. Ubosi stated that he agreed to push back the show and also asked Rihanna to mention about the change in dates for the show on her social media accounts.

Apparently, Rihanna abstained from doing so and now Ubosi has filed a lawsuit against her and her music label Roc Nation which is managed by Jay Z. In the lawsuit Ubosi and Megalectrics demanded that Rihanna and Roc Nation return the advance promptly. The case has been filed at the Manhattan Supreme Court.

A spokesperson for Roc Nation stated that neither Rihanna nor Roc Nation dealt with this person before and also did not take any advance from him. The spokesperson stated that Ubosi has been scammed by an unscrupulous person.

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