Rihanna and Drake Hooking Up, Shocks Fans with Their Moves, Friends Worried That She Will Hurt Herself!

Inquisitr reported that Rihanna is clearly attracted to Drake and this is what is making her giving him a second chance for things to work out. Rihanna does want things to work out with Drake, but she doesn’t want to settle down for the future right now.

Given the drama that she has seen, she is keeping things low for now. She wants to look only at the present and doesn’t want to think too much into the future.

Drake has always been known to play mind games and this is what worries those close to Rihanna. They do not think that Drake is someone who is going to give any importance to Rihanna’s feelings over his.

Rihanna knows that Drake is a jerk and a player and he isn’t one to settle down for good, but they have been very good friends and she is clearly attracted to him and hence doesn’t seem to know what’s best for her.

Rihanna is currently touring to promote her album ANTI. She had been suffering from acute bronchitis and had to postpone eight of her tour dates and even cancel the Grammy performance that she was due to do. The singer shocked her fans at Miami by inviting Drake on stage and even asked him perform to his track Jumpman.

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