Rihanna and Drake Hooking Up, Shocks Fans with Their Moves, Friends Worried That She Will Hurt Herself!

Rihanna seems to be attracted to all the wrong men. First it was Chris Brown and now she finds herself with bad boy Drake. Rihanna had told herself that she will not get back together with Drake after he had treated her badly, but the ANTI singer can’t seem to stay away from Drake.

The Hollywood Life reported that Drake and Rihanna seemed to be very much together since the two couldn’t stop grinding while on his show in Miami. Drake has some charm working for him since he happens to get all the hot girls in the industry and Rihanna herself cannot keep herself away from him even after the break up.

Rumor suggests that Rihanna isn’t back with him. Since they have been working so together lately, Rihanna couldn’t stay away from his charm and went against her words to stay away from Drake. The two are not back together and are definitely not dating, but Rihanna couldn’t stop herself from becoming friends with benefits with Drake.

While Rihanna seems to be very happy with the situation she has gotten into with Drake and feels that it is the best for him, her friends and close ones aren’t thrilled about it.

Variety reported that Rihanna’s friends are very worried with her new relationship with Drake because they know that she isn’t ready for all the no strings attached relationship with Drake. They fear that Drake will end up hurting her once again and this time she is to be blamed for it.

Rihanna supposedly knows that she shouldn’t be with Drake and should rather go for a man who can give her lasting relationship. She finds Drake sexy and suave and they have very good physical connection and this is what Rihanna wants for now and hence cannot seem to get over Drake.

The world found out that there is something again going on between Drake and Rihanna when she called him over onstage and grinded her ass on his crotch. The fans were shocked and they kept wondering if the two are back together for good or if it was just a publicity stunt that stopped the moment the music and the lights were removed?

Rihanna and Drake have been dating on and off since 2009 and the two were supposedly broken up since Drake couldn’t keep his roving eyes and jealousy under check.

Drake was huge support to Rihanna after the break up with Chris Brown and had gone on record to state that he had seen her through the hard times and that even though they might not be together now, they are still very good friends after the break up.

Rihanna has made it very clear that she doesn’t want to settle down with anyone right now and that explains why she is trying to show the world that she is hooking up with Drake.

In fact there are reports suggesting that Drake is in fact ready to be friends with benefits with Rihanna and not her boyfriend since the hectic work life she has tends to ruin things between the two of them.

The two had kept things very professional when they started working on Rihanna’s new single, Work. Rihanna went to Drake and asked him to work with her and with all the time that they had to spend together, the feelings came out and it became difficult for them to keep within strict professional limits.