Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Story, Synopsis Leaked With Reports Suggesting This Is Indeed the ‘Final’ Chapter, And More!

Ian Glen of Game of Thrones will be reprising his role as Dr. Alexander Isaacs from the movie Resident Evil: Extinction. Shawn Roberts from Resident Evil: Afterlife will be playing the evil Albert Wesker.

Ruby Rose from Orange is the New Black will be playing Abigail while viewers will also witness Eoin Macken as Doc; William Levy as Christian; Fraser James as Michael; and model-TV personality Rola as Cobalt. Anderson is currently producing the film with Jeremy Bolt, Robert Kulzer and Samuel Hadida.

The production team also comprises of a Director of Photography, Glen MacPherson along with Production Designer, Edward Thomas; Costume Designer, Reza Levy;, Editor, Doobie Whiteand Visual Effects Supervisor Dennis Berardi.

Resident Evil fans are eagerly waiting for this movie to release as it has a lot of excitement in store for us. If this is indeed the ‘Final’ chapter, fans will love to see how the movie is being concluded and what kind of an ending it features.

Furthermore, the talk of new mutant monsters further increases the excitement and anticipation for this movie. The movie is all set to release in 27th January, 2017 and we’ll just have to be patient until then.

Stay tuned for more updates and information on Resident Evil: The Final Chapter!