Release Date Rumors and Possible Character Speculations for GTA 6, More Information

Meanwhile, people would love to see a lot of old GTA characters, coming back in GTA 6. Ken Rosenberg was a convincing weasel-like lawyer and he was one of the first characters that the primary protagonist meets in GTA Vice City.

Cross, or Jeffrey Martin, who sometimes referred to himself as OG Loc is another GTA character that players would love to see. He was another coward who claimed to be a tough guy in GTA: San Andreas. Bruce Kibbutz was one of the most ridiculous characters in GTA, who was first seen in GTA 4.

A lot of players thought that he would end up dead in the end but he didn’t and this clearly means that it will be easy for him to make a perfect comeback.

Lazlow Jones has appeared in almost every GTA title and in GTA 5, things got a little rough for him after Michael and Trevor decided to teach him a lesson.

He doesn’t really need to appear as a physical character (which would be a treat of course) but the title would definitely miss his witty tone in case he isn’t seen or heard in GTA 6.

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