Release Date Rumors and Possible Character Speculations for GTA 6, More Information

There are a lot of rumors surrounding GTA 6 and it arrival. It has already been rumored that the sixth installment of the open-world adventure will be pretty big, so big that it will feature the entire US map.

Considering the capability of Rockstar Games, they can definitely turn this into reality. On one hand, it appears a bit absurd since the game would feature a massive gameplay map and gamers will need to do a lot of traveling while running after criminal gangs or elements and going through heists.

Meanwhile, some critics remain quite skeptical regarding the accuracy of this ‘entire US map’ report. For example, what would gamers have to do in order to travel between the various states?

If this turns out to be true, it might be quite a few years before GTA 6 is released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and a PC release might be much later.

The latest rumors clarify a lot of details regarding the gameplay map in GTA 6. Whether it is true or not, remains to be seen.

Crossmap noted a Reddit user reporting that there will be a unique map in GTA because it will feature all the gameplay elements rolled into a single consistent map.

The Southwest area will feature San Andreas while San Andreas territory will be Las Venturas. In the meantime, San Francisco will be replaced by San Fiero, north of San Andreas.

According to various speculations, GTA 6 might release in 2018 but don’t hold on to this report as it could be delayed to 2020 as well. Considering Rockstar’s history and trends with game releases, the company might take their time with the release. The developers will take their time and the company might not rush into anything at the moment.

Considering the reports, it seems like a female character will become an integral part of the storyline. The full US map located in the game might serve as a proper guide for her future assignments. However, a lot of people believe that this new game might come with details that involve pursuing a career.

The level of difficulty where one car chases another might increase but at the same time, this type of activity will bring in some major cash. Meanwhile, rest assured that it will be a long time before Rockstar actually runs out of ideas.

The company claimed in 2013 that they have 45 years’ worth of ideas and experiences that are just waiting to be incorporated. They have no idea about how GTA 6 will be but they do have a lot of ideas to be used.

They will pick the right ones and make sure that things roll out smoothly. Meanwhile, GTA recently received the Lowrider DLC and there are a lot of things happening in GTA 5 Online. As a result, GTA 6 will be pretty late.

Besides reports that suggest a complete US map, a lot of experts are presently considering the possible setting and location for the game. This will end up adding a completely new dimension to the game. He further pointed out the fact that the various in-game characters will come with different traits that are location-specific in nature.

Leslie Benzies talked about the location of this title and indicated that it will be the first priority. Secondly, there will be a lot of things that define a mission. Gamers will end up doing different things in LA, or Miami and New York among others. Besides all that, Master Herald already reported that a male-female duo will be featured in the next GTA installment.