Relaxation and How to Achieve It

Had a tough day and can’t wind down and relax? Can’t concentrate and your mind keeps drifting? Here, I have compiled some tips that you can try out to relax.

Many may think the only way to relax is going to spa or going on an exotic vacation but it necessarily doesn’t have to be all those. In fact, you can try and relax in 15 minutes. It’s that fast!

Of course, what technique works for one person may not work for the next person. So try out different ways to see what puts your mind to ease and stick with it. Relaxing is important because it helps slowing heart rate, improving concentration and mood, lowers blood pressure, helps reduce frustration and fatigue and many other benefits.


Researchers have found that meditating helps ease stress and anxiety. It helps build resilience against stress. There are different types of meditations to get started with.

Deep breathing

This technique also helps keep panic attacks at bay or just calm down and also help relaxing. It’s very common and helpful also because they can be done anywhere. There are many breathing exercises.

Stop and just be in the moment

How often do you just consciously stop the chatter in your mind and just focus on what you are doing? Stop thinking about what you have done all day or what you could have done differently and just focus on what you are doing, maybe eating, focus on every bite and taste. This will help you be less tense.


Meet your friends, family or close ones. It doesn’t matter where you meet as long as you hang out with them. Talk to them about what’s going on in your life, hear their perspective, you will realize at the end of the meeting you will feel more relaxed.


Yes, exercising doesn’t only help keep you fit it also helps ease stress. It doesn’t have to be in the gym every day or at the gym at all. You can do stretches or go for a walk around your neighborhood or park.

Count your blessings

Try remembering or writing down the things which you are grateful for, things you have achieved or you love in your life. This helps reduce worry and helps keep track of your accomplishments over the ups and downs of life.

These are just the few ways to feel relaxed there are many other ways, reading books, watching sitcoms, or hobbies that make you smile. Don’t forget that laughing is a great cure, it helps lighten up mood instantly!