Red Dead Redemption 2 Release Date Rumors, Sequel To Be Launched Alongside PS4 Neo, The Game To Feature Multiple Playable Characters And Zombies

According to Neurogadget, the next title to be launched by Rockstar Games could very well be Grand Theft Auto 6. The most current segment to be released in the series was the Grand Theft Auto V, which was released in 2013, three years ago.

Grand Theft Auto V has been at the receiving end of a lot of updates and enhancements. This has sparked the formation of a community online. Given the game’s success, there is no surprise that fans are inquisitive to see what the next game might have in store for them.

The PlayStation meet which will be happening in New York on the 7th of September shall be able to clarify further details about the many questions that the fans may have. Meanwhile, Red Dead Redemption is a game that was originally launched in 2010 and is an action-adventure classic.

It became a very popular game that has kept fans wanting for more and for way too long as well. The sequel might be Red Dead Redemption 2 or Red Dead 3, but it seems that fans will be glad with either title.

Now whether the silence about the delay on the release of the game is deliberate on the company’s part is hard to tell. All we can do is wait and pray for a sooner release.

Stay tuned for more updates.