The Real ‘Power’ Batteries of Next Generation

So far we have used Lithium powered batteries or lead-acid batteries which to compare with a new invented battery made of aluminium- graphite will show us how far we have come to success of a truly amazing improved power battery.

The well-improved aluminium battery is environment-friendly, safe, bendable, affordable and last longer than the lithium-powered batteries.

Fast charging

The lithium batteries require 2-3 hours to charge while the aluminium batteries require about 1 minute.  That’s right, just 1 minute, this will be very efficient and quick to use. One electrode is made up of aluminium and the other electrode is made from graphite (a sheet of carbon). Therefore the gaps in graphite allow the charging to increase.


Aluminium batteries are made from affordable aluminium so it can be easily affordable to just about anyone.


Lithium batteries contain a salt (electrolyte) which is used to connect the two electrodes inside of a battery which are flammable, resulting health and safety hazard and are really dangerous in certain conditions. However, the aluminium batteries contain an inflammable salt which is not at all dangerous or pose any safety hazard.

Lasts longer

Researchers of Stanford University, Taiwan and China have discovered that aluminium batteries can charge and discharge 7500 times. Whereas lithium-ion batteries can do this 1000-3000 times only.

Environment friendly

Lithium batteries are made from toxic electrodes while the aluminium batteries’ electrodes are made from environment-friendly materials. So during battery disposal, damage to the environment will be minimal.

Even though it has so many improved qualities than lithium-ion batteries, there are a couple of glitches that is yet to be perfected. For example, the aluminium cell only produces 2 volts which is much less than the lithium-cell produces.

Since the battery demand will be increasing over the coming years, this well-powered battery will definitely play an important role for the upcoming future.