Re-adaptation Of The 11 Times Oscar Winning Charlton Heston Movie, Ben-Hur Has Received Varied Responses From Audiences

And yet another representation of the historical drama, Ben-Hur after all those five prior adaptations. While a prefix of “re” has been carefully and skilfully added to every aspect of the upcoming movie to generalize the idea that is indeed not the same as the previous five interpretations, although we still don’t know if or not it is.

While the director and the cast and crew were set on making the best of the cart race and do the ’59 version of the same, justice, director Timur Bekmambetov stated that as easy it might seem, it definitely is not.

Timur further described that there is no suspension, no brakes or any airbags to protect or shield you, the cart is just simply shaky and dirty, and everything flies in your face, and that’s not just it, you have to tame four horses at the same time.

Actor Toby Kebble who portrays the role of the adopted brother of Judah Ben-Hur, Messala, confessed in a recent interview that even if it might sound silly and pretty nonsensical for being an actor, the cart race scene was probably the reason why he accepted the role in the movie.

He further stated that even while he is thrilled with the story and the plot line and the historical happenstance, the opportunity to pull four real horses was thrilling and astonishing but quite hard to put forth the best to do justice to the past interpretation.

The director Timur Bekmambetov has kept in mind to bring out the best technicalities and graphics for the best visual spectacle. Bekmambetov has used a variety of cameras, including small GoPros to bring a bit of a Formula 1, NASCAR edgy and visceral experience.

Words have been going around that meddling with the 1959 Charlton Heston classic and remaking, rather re-adapting the classic which had won 11 Oscars, is not a smart move.

The Paramount Pictures and the MGM’s big budget re-imagining of “Ben-Hur” which was made with a  budget of around $100 million, is aiming for a $20 million opening in ticket sales in the US and Canada, but the audience’ enthusiasm and excitement revolving the movie has not been that grand.

The movie which is set to release on August 19 in the United States and September 03, 2016 in the United Kingdom, still hasn’t undergone any critic scrutiny and also has not received any such expected hyped response from the audience and as speculations suggest, might end up bring one of the biggest flops in this summer.

Amidst all the positive and negative responses about the upcoming readapted “Ben-Hur” movie, Omarosa Manigault who is a part of the movie flashed her new diamond engagement ring on the premiere of the movie.

The 42-year-old reality veteran beamed with happiness showing off her massive sparkling dazzle that was presented to her a month ago by her fiancé John ALtem Newman but she was later overshadowed at her movie premiere.

In recent interviews, the Bruce Almighty actor, Morgan Freeman when asked to give some advice on playing divinity to his co-star Rodrigo Santoro who plays Jesus in the movie said that it’s not hard to play divine if someone wants to know the truth of the matter.

He further stated that when people asked him how he prepared himself for playing the role of the God, he apparently classified that it’s the scripts that help him in the portrayal of his character and no other reason.

But the movie is still set to step up its benchmarks to surpass the critically acclaimed 11, Oscar, winning Charlton Heston’s classic.

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