Ragnar Returns In Vikings Season 4, Lagertha And Aslaug Fight Against Each Other, Will Jonathan Rhys Meyers Become Part of Season 5? Let’s See

He said that earlier that day, while he and Fimmel were sitting for an interview, Fimmel had ended up painting Ludwig’s face blue. Fimmel used a paint roller to paint Ludwig’s face while he was answering questions. This was when Fimmel spoke out about these pranks being a payback for the time Ludwig had pushed him inside a porta-potty while he was using it!

Fans of Vikings Season 4 found out another interesting thin from Michael Hirst. Deadline reported that Hirst had joined a group of archaeologists, and they had dug out a lot of graves in the English Midlands, which contained Viking bodies. While a majority of them belonged to female warriors, there was one that archaeologists considered being that of Ivar the Boneless.

With Season 4 returning with half of the episodes, there is already some interest in Season 5 of Vikings. It is rumored that Jonathan Rhys Meyer is going to be a part of Vikings Season 5. Meyers had previously worked with Michael Hirst in The Tudor and will be coming in to fill in the gap left by Clive Standen, who is going to take a break and head to NBC for Taken.

Clive Standen’s character, Rollo, hasn’t been killed off, so there is a chance that he is going to be back for Season 5. Standen might not be a show regular anymore, but he can always come in as a guest star.