Provide Support to Mohammad Zarif: Lawmaker Hassan Asfari

One of the lawmakers from Iran, Hassan Asfari said that the double-standards taken up by the United States should be stopped as this would help Iran to establish better and friendly ties with the United States. Mohammad Hassan Asfari said that only diplomatic relationships would help Iran to have cordial ties with other countries of the world.

He also urged the United States to change its existing policies so that the political ties would improve. However, the United States is continuing to impose aggressive sanctions on the economy of Iran and in contrast to this, the US President Barack Obama says that they are looking forward to establish diplomatic ties with Iran.

Asfari said that Iran does not encourage the double standards that are taken up by nations such as United States and United Kingdom. He also vested his belief in the new Foreign Minister appointed in Iran, who he thinks is capable of developing ties with other countries. Mohammad Javad Zarif is the new Foreign Minister and Asfari said that he should be supported.

He blamed the previous President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, as he had sacked the then Foreign Minister, Manouchehr Mottaki. This was apparently a clear mistake by the President, as the minister was already on a mission. Such actions should not be repeated by the new President Hassan Rouhani, urged Asfari. He requested the President to take into confidence all his ministers so that there would be greater levels of confidence and it would benefit the Islamic Republic of Iran greatly.

The major challenge that lies ahead of Mohammad Javad Zarif is the sanctions imposed by the United States, as it is affecting the economy of Iran greatly. Once the economic sanctions are lifted, the economy of Iran would flourish and citizens of Iran would be at a greater benefit.

However, analysts are of the impression that Hassan Rouhani would not be able to make substantial changes as long as there are sanctions imposed by US and this is due accusation of developing nuclear weapons faced by Iran.