Brain Drain Phenomenon in Iran Likely: Mohammad Esmaeil Saeedi

Despite the high number of students pursuing studies in different colleges and universities across Iran, only a small number of students are actually able to land with jobs on completion of education. This concern was raised by an MP, the deputy Maljis from the region of Tabriz, Mohammad Esmaeil Saeedi.

Mohammad Esmaeil Saeedi points out that the quality of education offered in Iran is top notch, and students are imparted with the best education. To further promote education, the Iranian Government is also offering education for free in various regions, so that the graduating students benefit the Islamic Republic to the maximum extent.

However, his concern lies in the fact that despite the excellent educational facilities, the Government of Iran is unable to secure the future of its graduating students by offering them jobs or aiding in the creation of job opportunities. These concerns were shared by Mohammad Esmaeil Saeedi in a live television show where he was the guest.

During the show, Mohammad went on to criticize the previous investments by the Iranian Government. Iran has invested great amounts in the student education sector so that they are provided with a quality education. However, little is being done to retain the talented graduating students. As they do not find job opportunities upon graduation, students tend to move to other countries for better job opportunities.

Due to this, the massive investments made by Iran in the education sector would not help them much in realizing the return on investment. With over eight million students studying in Iran, not all of them are able to obtain good job offers. This can be clearly understood by examining the unemployment rate in Iran. The government claims it to be 12%, whereas other independent entities say that the unemployment rate in Iran is as high as 30%!

In the past few years, students who are graduating from educational institutions in Iran are seeking jobs in the European and North American countries rather than anywhere in Iran. Analysts and economists are constantly warning the Islamic Republic that it is likely to face a massive brain drain if there are no concrete actions taken to address the problem.