Prometheus 2: Release Date Revealed, Plot, Aliens to be introduced, And More News

After making numerous changes to the original script, director Ridley Scott along with his crew, are geared up to commence working on the sequel to the 2012 sci-fi thriller “Prometheus”.

According to a report published by Crossmap, the director has a working script, which he is happy with, after a total of 15 revisions. The team is believed to be finalizing the list of actors at the moment, along with making final preparations before production commences next year.

The last time viewers saw Elizabeth Shaw, played by Noomi Rapace, launching a spacecraft in search for the Engineer’s homeworld, with the help of David the Android, characterized by Michael Fassbender. The scientists were in a quest to figure out the reason behind the alien race wanting to destroy humanity.

Shaw left Moon LV-223 after her alien offspring took down the Engineer sent to kill her. The extraterrestrial pushed down an ovipositor down the villain’s throat, in her absence. Not long after the humanoid’s death, another foreign creatures burst out of its chest. The aliens are real, and that is why it’s probably one of the scariest movies in the film history.

According to Cinemablend, Ridley plans to feature Xenomorphs in “Prometheus 2”. This time, however, a new breed of aliens will be introduced. He also said that it would be fairly close to the 1979 creature featured in the original “Alien” movie.

It might seem like a bad news at first, but Blomkamp will get additional time to nail down the screenplay. So, with “Prometheus 2”, the director is trying to reintroduce extra-terrestrials!

The new “Alien” film was first teased by Blomkamp on social media channels before he officially announced the details, as the director, in February. Since then, he has revealed that the film will focus on the events of Ellen Ripley’s after Aliens. Sigourney Weaver reprises her role as Ripley while Michael Biehn revealed his discussions with Blomkamp about returning as Hicks. However, he has not received an official offer to this point.

Scott’s Prometheus takes place before the events of Alien and will now spin off into unique stories. The prequel might not have been loved by fans of the franchise, but it still earned over $400 million worldwide making a sequel a fairly sure thing.

It was originally stated that the sequel will feature the planet of the Engineers, where Shaw was seen heading in the first film. However, the latest reports claim that David will return to Earth instead.

Movie Pilot reveals that Nimrod Antal, the director of Predators, recently discussed the possibility of the plot, as mentioned earlier, with Scott.

According to Antal, the military sponsored by Wayland has been instructed to shoot down the alien aircraft that Shaw is in before it makes it back to Earth. Shaw will apparently die, but another female lead is slated to take her place. As for the Engineer’s planet, fans will have to wait for the movie’s third installment.

The Alien prequel earned $403 million worldwide, rendering it the biggest movie in the franchise. A sequel was henceforth planned! Reports suggest that Ridley Scott plans to commence filming as soon as January 2016.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Michael Green, the writer, was preparing the script for the sequel. However, according to Entertainment Weekly,  the script is yet to be completed, and a filming date in January 2016 is a little too optimistic!

Additional rumors state that production is set to begin in November this year, but according to Ecumenical News, this rumor has nothing to do with facts.