Production of Attack On Titan Season 2 Stopped, Levi Ackerman Set to Die, Animators Are Having a Tough Time!

The fans are shocked to hear this news, but then they know that they also have to deal with other shocking information. The city wall was breached by the titans and the viewers are going to realize that the reason for this was that there are titans who are walking among the humans. These titans include Reiner Braun, Ymir and Bertolt.

MNR Daily has come to reveal a report that might not make the fans very happy. It has reported that the animators of Attack on Titan are having a tough time making some of the sequences. There is one particular action sequence from the original manga that the animators are not being able to tackle.

The scene involves a battle between an armored titan and a rogue titan and is believed to be one of the most intense scenes. The animators know the importance of the sequence and hence they want to perfect the movements and the techniques to make the scene as good as the one in the manga.

The wait for Attack on Titan Season 2 is a long one, but the fans are ready to wait for the final product since they do not want original fillers.

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