Prince Harry And Chelsy Davy: Are The Two Back Together

The way things appear, it looks like the old flame is rekindling between Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy. The couple had been in an on-off relationship for seven years between 2004 and 2011. The main reason for the split was Chelsy’s refusal to lead the life that goes with dating and marrying a royal.

Things, however, seem to have undergone a key change with Chelsy Davy having split from boyfriend Charles Goode and spending time with her ex and good friend, Harry. Harry had broken with girlfriend Cressida Bonas in 2014. Although he has been reportedly linked with several women, including actress Emma Watson, Brazilian model Anastasia Gusev and socialite Camilla Thurlow, but both parties have denied these alleged link ups.

According to leading dailies the couple has been in regular contact since the two have become single again. The 29 year old Zimbabwean beauty and the 30 year old prince have always been good friends and after their split have started spending time together.

Sources close to the two have said that the two have been talking everyday and given that they have strong chemistry, it is but obvious that they have been drawn back together. Prince Harry and Chelsy have mutual friends and they end up in the same event, but something has changed post Christmas. They seem to have come closer and broken the “friend” barrier and become flirty.

Prince Harry’s friends often joke that Chelsy Davy is his Camilla. Like his father Prince Charles, Harry will never be able to get over this one girl. Even after their breakup, Prince Harry and Chelsy were friends and insiders claim that this friendship did have an impact on Chelsy’s split with Charles Goode.

When the couple broke up the last time, Chelsy told her friends that there was no chance of her marrying Harry, because she can never see herself fitting into the shoes cut out for the member of the royal family. She doesn’t enjoy life in the spotlight and if she decides to get back with Harry and goes on to marry him, then she will always find herself under the media glare.