Pretty Little Liars: Scoops About the Upcoming Seasons, Shay Mitchell Opens Up, Janel Parallel Holidays!

Shay Mitchell is also writing a book called Bliss about three women in their mid-twenties with her best friend Michaela Blaney. The idea came to their minds while they were sitting in the actress’s living room and after they gave it some direction, they realized that they have enough material to turn it into a book.

While is Shay Mitchell is busy working on a book and in a film, another Pretty Little Liars’ hottie was out, spending some quality time on the beach with her boyfriend. Janel Parrish was spotted at Hawaii with boyfriend Justin Altamura.

Janel Parrish was wearing a sexy black bikini and showing off her tattoos. She looked relaxed and happy and packed in a lot of PDA with The Iron Heart’s bassist. She wore large sunglasses and initially kept her dark mane lose, tying it up in a messy bun soon enough.

The couple was spotted cozying up on the beach and taking photos on their phone. Janel Parrish uploaded some of them on her Instagram page and said that Hawaii felt like Paradise. She said that the beautiful beach and the beautiful man in her life, life was good.

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