Portal 3 Is Being Highly Speculated At the Moment, Meanwhile, a Portal Film Could Release In The Future!

Portal 3

It has been 5 years since Portal 2 and the gaming world is buzzing with news and rumors of Portal 3. It has been a long time since we, the gamers flung ourselves through orange and blue portals, messed about with companion cubes and ran along with Atlas or P-body.

At the same time, we were freaked out by the GlaDOS and Wheatley in the last game, Portal 2. 2 days back, it was the five year anniversary of Portal 2. It was released back in 19th April, 2011 and as a result, gamers are thinking about Portal 3 now more than ever.

Portal games were really the best and it clearly showed us that game physics can reach amazing heights when done in a proper manner.

There is no official confirmation from Valve but we are still semi-patiently waiting for the release of Portal 3 and there are five various reasons behind this. First of all, the end of Portal 2 was a mega cliffhanger. Any gamer who has catapulted their way through Portal 2 will remember that the end of the game was a humongous cliffhanger.

Once the final boss fight was ever, GlaDOS saved the fairly mute maiden of the game Chell from being sucked into space with Wheatley. The latter was the evil robot voiced by Stephen Merchant but in the end, she starts hating again. You are left standing in a huge field of grain after being lifted up to the surface while bypassing all the singing turrets.

Portal 2

All of that happens while a muddy companion cube is ejected out of the door behind you. When you hurtle through the credits, you will notice that the evil Wheatley is drifting away in space and declares the following, “If I was ever to see her again, do you know what I’d say? I’d say, I’m sorry. Sincerely. I am sorry I was bossy, and monstrous, and I am genuinely sorry. The End.”

Meanwhile, what happens to Chell back in the field and whether or not she has a Portal gun? In the meantime, who is tending over that farm and why is it that the gamer has a companion cube. This raises the question whether the Combine are there or not. In the meantime, a new trailer for the HTC Vive Pre was released in January for CES 2016.

The trailer came with a lot of excitement but it also came with a fresh glimpse of the HTC Vive. At the same time, during the 0.52 mark of the video, we witnessed a woman wearing the exactly same clothing as Chell in both the Portal games. This resulted in an explosion among all Portal lovers in the internet.

This is because everyone knows that Portal would be great in Virtual Reality. Then again, it might get a bit nauseating.

There is further proof of Portal 3 because of the fact that it is actually seen in the Robot repair section of HTC Vive compilation known as The Labs. It comes with a lot of mini-games but in the Robot Repair section, one can see the attempt to fix Atlas from Portal 2.

Demo progresses

While the demo progresses, you actually see a Portal room and at the same time, it comes complete with the companion cube but it stays out of reach. You could also see a slice of muddy cake located in one of the drawers. There’s another reason why we should see a Portal 3. The HTC Vive Pre needs a lot of new games in order to make us witness its excellence.