Portal 3 and Half Life 3 Hints Likely to be Buried in Steam VR Demo, Portal 3 Might Feature VR Technology!


In the meantime, similar to Minecraft, Portal games are considered as educational tools as well. The game has been noted for bringing students along with their projects from DigiPen Institute of Technology into Valve and at the same time, extends their ideas into complete games. The concept of Portal was introduced by the game known as Narbacular Drop and this led to the basis of the first game.

Meanwhile, PC gamers all over the world have been very excited to know what Valve has been working on next. They have remained silent on the release of Portal 3 and Half Life 3 while Valve presently focuses on its online multiplayer games like Counter Strike, DOTA and recently developed, virtual reality.

After release date and price of the HTC Vive, Valve released a benchmark test through which users could see if their hardware was capable of running VR experiences. This short demo was pulled from Steam after some time. People who downloaded it, learned many interesting things about Valve’s roster of games.

The curious folks at ValveTime revealed, “The program was only publicly available for a short time on the Steam Store before being removed.

As shown below, the test, running on Source 2, takes place in a cut-down and shortened version of the Aperture Robot Repair demo with lower visual fidelity, fixed camera angles, no interactivity, no sound effects, and very few of the ‘core’ animated sequences, including the opening of the drawers and GLaDOS’ arrival.”

Stay tuned for more updates on Portal 3!