Portal 3 and Half Life 3 Hints Likely to be Buried in Steam VR Demo, Portal 3 Might Feature VR Technology!


Valve Corporation, the game developer hasn’t said anything official about Portal 3. Ever since Valve applied for a trademark in October 2013, nothing official has been said about this first-person shooter puzzle video game.

Meanwhile, the fans and gamers were expecting that Valve would issue a statement during the E3 Expo but then nothing happened. Ever since then, much of the focus was on its highly anticipated multiplayer zombie video game Left 4 Dead 3 along with the almost-mythical first-person shooter video game, Half Life 3.

Meanwhile, during the CES 2016 event which was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, the tech giant HTC announced its Vive Pre which is a second generation, developer kit, designed for the virtual reality head-mounted display.

Moreover, it comes with a refined form factor along with improvements made to the chaper one system. HTC has also compiled and showcased a brand new trailer for the complete kit in CES 2016 and it runs for 90 seconds. Meanwhile, there is something which caught the attention of fans and gamers.

Portal 3

In it, the trailer actually showed a scene which featured a woman floating in mid-air. It remains still for a few seconds and then the woman raises her arms which cause the walls located on her side, to bend.

After that, possibly through Telekinesis, a hole is blasted in the wall in front of her, as reported by VR Focus. The woman was wearing half of an orange jumpsuit which was folded around her waist and her vest for a top.

The woman looks exactly like Chell but only her back is shown. Chell is protagonist of Valve’s Portal Video game franchise. This is aside of the fact that her explosion created a sort of portal which leads into another dimension. Another interesting fact about the Vive kit is that it was developed by HTC in partnership with Valve.

The device was made to serve as a rival against the Oculus Rift. Meanwhile, nothing has been announced or confirmed so far about Portal 3 in the HTC Vive Pre trailer during CES 2016. Fans believe that if and when the game finally comes out on gaming consoles and PC, a few years down the line, it will come with VR technology featured in it. Meanwhile, Portal is set in Half Life Universe so Portal 3 will depend on Half Life 3.


Therefore, if the latter is finally provided a green signal by Valve Corporation, Portal 3 will be released, which will be one year at most after Half Life 3 is officially released.

A lot of news and information involving Portal 3 is quite rare and it has been rather scarce on the internet. There have been a lot of Portal related adventures in order to keep the fans and gamers preoccupied.

There is also a Portal Level for Lego Dimensions along with the   Portal board game called “Portal: The Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game.” Players move and Portal their test subjects into various chambers located in the Lab.

After the end of each player’s turn, one of the chambers which located at the end of the lab gives away. This further plunges all test subjects on it, into oblivion. However, the player is provided wonderful parting gifts. Including a Cake when the player’s test subjects have increased in number than all the others located in the falling chamber.