Popcorn Time Returns Online After Being Shut Down, Its Legal Spin-Off Butter Targeted This Time by MPAA!

Some of the files mentioned in the notice include- package.json and torrent_collection.js. though the notice does not specifically mention anything about Popcorn Time’s legal spin-off Butter, both of the above mentioned files are sourced from Butter which means that MPAA is indirectly trying to target Butter too.

From the looks of it, it can be assumed that MPAA has got Popcorn Time and any of its spin-offs on a very tight lease at the moment.

The notice was sent out to a number of projects that has association with Butter. One of the them is a fork, the handler of which is the Brazilian Ministry of Culture. The Brazilian Ministry of Culture responded to the notice by stating that the fork that is handled by them does not have any association with Popcorn Time. Instead, it is related to Butter which is legal.

The developers of Popcorn Time revealed that MPAA is not clear enough in their notice regarding the copyright infringements. They also stated that MPAA has described several files in an incorrect manner.

Meanwhile GitHub has requested MPAA to be more precise regarding the matter and provide more details on the whole thing. Many are of the opinion that this is just a stalling tactic on the part of the developers of Popcorn Time. Apparently, they are trying to buy themselves some extra time using which they will be able to determine their next step.

Stay tuned for more update on Popcorn Time.