Police Chief of Iran Expresses Concern about Traditional Coffee Shops

The police chief of Isfahan, Brigadier Abdolreza Agha Khani expressed concern and displeasure about the happenings in traditional coffee shops across Iran. This is mainly because, Agha Khani opines, that such traditional coffee shops have become a haven for gangs and bands to meet and spend their time.

During a recent press conference, Brigadier Abdolreza Agha Khani told that the police of Iran are actively monitoring traditional coffee shops in Iran to learn more about the activities of people. This is being done with the motive of knowing the activities that generally take place in the coffee shops.

As of now, the Iranian Police have not ordered the shutting down of traditional coffee shops in Iran, but are trying to know more about the meetings that take place between gangs in the coffee shops, so that they may combat the gangs and have better law and order in the Middle Eastern Republic of Iran.

Some time ago, the Moral Police of Iran carried out raids across coffee shops in Iran with the intention of punishing boys and girls who were behaving against the Islamic rules in public places. As per Brigadier Abdolreza Agha Khani, the police of Iran are chalking out a plan to cancel the licenses of the traditional coffee shops in Iran.

However, the plan is still undergoing feasibility tests, and after the concrete plan is ready, the Iran Police will make it public and plan on revoking the certifications and licenses that were given to the traditional coffee shops in Iran. Brigadier Abdolreza Agha Khani said that there were numerous operations being carried out in the traditional coffee shops and, hence, has asked boys and girls to stay away or refrain themselves from visiting the traditional coffee shops.

Due to the large number of police operations being carried out in traditional coffee shops, young Iranian couples are not left with many options to be together. Recently, Iranian couples were found to have been spending time in mixed traditional coffee shops, as they do not have any other choice.