Hezbollah to Give a Tough Time to the US Government: Roknabadi

Even after the alleged chemical attacks that took place in Syria, The Ambassador of Iran to Beirut, Ghazanfar Roknabadi said that the Islamic Republic of Iran would continue providing support to the Government of Syria. He said that the Bashar al-Assad led government does not have any involvement in the chemical attacks.

Apparently, the chemical attacks were carried out by insurgents and they were supported by Israel, as per Ghazanfar Roknabadi. He also threatened the US Government that Hezbollah would infuse more troops into Syria if there are any military actions taken by the US Government. Hence, any western country should refrain itself from military action in Syria as it would cause an unrest.

Hezbollah enjoys continued support from the Government of Iran and IRGC, or the Islamic Revolutions Guardians Corps. In the recent past, several countries have blamed Iran for providing missiles, drones and other complex weaponry to Hezbollah insurgents present in Palestine and Lebanon. Iran, however, is clear about its stand and has clearly stated that it would continue supporting Hezbollah.

Ghazanfar Roknabadi said that by making use of advanced weaponry, the Hezbollah militants would be able to effectively combat against the US Army and troops from various nations. The Americans thus face a tough time in fighting against the member of Hezbollah.

Roknabadi also warned the United States and other Western countries that they would have a tough time dealing with Hezbollah if they do not withdraw from Syria. He also went on to say that the mistake committed by United States should not be repeated and the condition prevailing in Syria is much different from what it was in Iraq and Afghanistan.

HE is of the opinion that the Hezbollah fighters are different from other Mujahids and the members of Hezbollah present in Lebanon and Palestine would never allow the US and UK Governments to establish what they did in Afghanistan in the case of Syria. Bashar al-Assad is strongly supported by Iran and other countries such as Russia and China have also lined up with Iran.